How Much Do Paper Claims Cost Your Office?

Medicare Part B

Noridian Administrative Services (NAS) believes that providers submitting claims electronically will experience cost savings by reducing postage and other paper-related expenses. To calculate how much your office could save on monthly administrative costs (postage, envelopes, claim forms, etc) by submitting claims electronically, check out the cost calculator on the EDI Advantages webpage at Select the “How much are paper claims costing you” link.

By entering the number of Medicare Part B claims your office submits each month, along with your state, the online calculator will show how much money your office spends each month on billing paper claims. This on-line calculator will also calculate how much additional money your office can earn by receiving Medicare payments two weeks faster, another benefit of submitting claims electronically.

Some additional benefits of electronic claims are:

  • Cleaner claims: Claims submitted electronically are subjected to different levels of editing prior to being sent to the claims processing system for payment. This editing reduces the likelihood of claims being rejected or denied.
  • Administrative benefits: Increased efficiency and reduced paperwork.
  • Access to other electronic HIPAA-compliant transactions: Providers can receive the Medicare Part B remittance advice electronically. Other electronic transactions include the Health Care Claim Status and Health Care Eligibility Benefit and Response.

For additional information on how to submit claims electronically, contact Medicare EDI Support Services at 1-800-967-7902.

Applies to the states of: AK, AZ, CO, HI, IA, ND, NV, OR, SD, WA & WY.